German Jagdterrier Registry of America, open to ALL German Jagdterriers. Being Bred in the United States or Imported. German Jagdterrier Registry of America, known as GJRA. The GJRA is the only registry in the United States just for German Jagdterriers. GJRA, a working dog registry for Hunting & Working Jagdterriers. Jagdterriers registered in UKC, NKC, FCI are welcome to join the German Jagdterrier Registry of America.

German Jagdterrier Registry of America Goal:
Bring all German Jagdterriers in one registry.
Maintain Hunting and Working Jagdterrier.

Three step registration program:
Step 1: Temporary Registration
Step 3: Puppy Registered 
Step 3: Permanent Registration—Up to 6 generations
         Gold Seal when a German Jagdterrier has a full 6 generation pedigree

Registration Requirements:
If German Jagdterrier is bred in America or Imported. If imported it states what country
Height of German Jagdterrier being registered
Weight of German Jagdterrier being registered
3 good clear pictures of the Dog. One of the front view and one of each side view of the dog standing.
Any brands, tattoo’s or microchip numbers, if so numbers/letters. (Microchip highly recommended)
If tail is Natural Length or Docked.
Any past owners names
Any past names of the Dog
If Spayed or Neutered

Registration Numbers:
As a dog is entered in the GJRA it will have the next available registration number. Registration numbers have the year registered, then the actual registration number and if the dog is Single Registered (S), Foundation Stock (FS) or if litter registered the number of pups in that litter.

All dogs have the breeders name or the kennel name behind the dogs name when registered. Once a dog is named the name can not be changed. 

Kennel name: If you have a Kennel Name please contact The Registry so they can make sure no one else has the same kennel name. 

If you have a Jagdterrier registered in another registry and you want to register it with the German Jagdterrier Registry of America you can. Contact the registrar Sharon Jones for a single registration form to be sent to you.

All dogs being registered must have the pictures of the dog included at time of registration. No pictures, no registration. If these are actual

pictures and not printed off a computer the pictures will be returned.

Permanent Registration fee - $20.00. This includes up to 6 generations of pedigree and the color pictures on the Registration Certificate. Not all pedigrees will show a full 6 generations.
Transfer of Ownership fee -$20.00
Temporary Registration Certificate Replacement fee - $1.00
Puppy Registration Certificate Replacement fee $10.00
Permanent Registration Certificate Replacement fee - $10.00 

Litter Registration:
Each dog being registered receives a litter registration application.
When you register your litter: You receive a Temporary Registration Certificate on each puppy in the litter. This is a very friendly certificate and very easy to fill out. When you sell your puppy you fill out the buyers information at time of sale, have the buyer sign and date it and you the seller collect the registration fees and send them in to the GJRA. The Breeder/Seller sends in the Temporary Registration Certificate, along with the registration fee, NOT the buyer. Seller has 7 days to send this to the GJRA registrar when the puppy is sold.

Sires in the pedigrees will be in BLUE, Dams in the pedigrees are in PINK. Thus making it a easy to read the pedigree.

Permanent Registration Certificate has: “In GJRA Standard”, meaning German Jagdterrier is in the standard. “In Preferred Standard”, meaning it is in the Preferred Standard.


German Jagdterrier Registry of America Information